Inner Plug

Inner Plugs are used for liquid products viz. creams, lotions and other pharmaceutical formulations. The plastic plugs get tightly fit on the neck of the bottle and prevent leakage. These are made from 100% virgin plastic material and molded in mm unit size shape. In addition to this, plastic plugs are available in different dimensions and can be personalized as per requirement of the clients. They are acknowledge for their air tight sealing and non-reactive property. Inner Plugs have good capability of sustaining high temperature and pressure. These are fabricated in accurate style and design to appropriately get lock in the neck of the bottle. The inner plugs are provided in white color appearance.

Features of Inner Plug:

  • Plugs are strong and sturdy in construction.
  • Have excellent temperature resisting property.
  • Plastic plugs are chemically stable in nature.
  • Get easily fit inside the glass bottle neck.

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