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Jar Cap
Pet Jar Caps are offered in different shapes and dimensions. These are made from strong thermoplastic material such as PET and polyvinyl chloride. The jar caps are strong and sturdy in construction. Moreover, jar caps do not react with food element and other compounds.

Mushroom Type Cap
Mushroom Type Caps are manufactured in vivid and stunning colors such as red, green, yellow and dark green. The mushroom caps have round shape that is easy to close and open. These are used for shampoo, oil and liquid bottles.

Flip Top Cap
Flip Top Caps are manufactured in different dimensions such as 53mm, 63mm, 73mm, 83mm, 96mm & 120mm. These are made from PET & PVC plastic material and bleached with bright colors. The flip caps provide excellent sealing grip to the bottles.
Plastic Cap
Plastic Flower Caps are light in weight, break resistance and durable in life. These are manufactured in various diameter & thickness and can be customized as per requirement of the clients. They are used for pickle, jams and other food items containers.

Spice and Salt Cap
Spice And Salt Caps provide a great division between bottle for comfortable using. These caps have mini hoes at surface and fabricated in various shapes and dimensions in accurate completion. The caps are made from high grade PET plastic.

Fridge Bottle Cap
Fridge Bottle Caps are designed for tight closing of water bottles. They are offered in different colors such as pink, yellow, orange and white. These are strong, resistant to crack and long lasting. The fridge caps are provide in 38mmto 40 mm dimension.

Dual Seal Cap
Dual Seal Caps are offered in different sizes viz. 22mm, 25mm & 28mm and can be customized as per requirement of the customers. The seal caps have uniform ring coiling which is easy to close and open. These are used in pharmaceutical and food & beverage processing industries.
Inner Plugs provide air tight sealing the bottle neck for protecting the product from both chemical and physical damage. These are made from high molecular plastic density and molded in mini compact sizes. The plugs are excellent in resisting high temperature and pressure.
Caps For HDPE Containers
Caps For HDPE Containers are mainly used for water, oil and liquid bottles. These are strong, non-reactive and durable in quality. The caps are made from high grade polypropylene plastic material in different colors that include orange, pink and red.
Pharmaceutical Bottle Caps
Pharmaceutical Bottle Caps are tight in gripping and cannot be opened easily by kids. These are round in shape and can be personalized in any designs and dimension as per requirement of the clients. The bottle caps are crack resistance and sturdy in construction.
Pull Push Cap

Pull Push Caps are provided in yellow and green color. These are offered in the dimensions viz. 28mm & 38mm. The push caps are used because they make personal care products more hygienic and safe in using. 

Plastic Pump
The offered Plastic Pump dispenser helps to prevent messy dispensing, the spread of germs, and convenience of use. Depending on the bottle the pump is paired with, the dip tube length will differ.
Plastic Colored Cap
For moisture-proof closing of containers, Plastic Colored Cap is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic sectors. Our experts use premium plastic to make the cap we offer, adhering to the strict international quality requirements.
Plastic Bottles caps
There are various types of Plastic Bottles offered by us that are constructed from high density plastic. They are available in a variety of shapes and capacities. They are very strong and easy to use. 
Edible Oil and Phynele Caps
Edible Oil and Phynele Caps are made using premium, authorised raw materials and cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, the range that is being supplied has a tear-off membrane that is properly snapped on the neck and is appropriate for 29/21 neck finishes.
Pet Jar Handle Caps
Customers choose these Pet Jar Handle Caps because of their precise fitting and diameters. The ease of use of our range is also appreciated by the customers. This line uses high-quality plastic in its construction and is simple to open and seal.
Lubricant Caps
Lubricant Caps are quite simple to handle and utilize. These bottle caps are constructed of hygienic-grade plastic that has been purchased from reliable market sellers. They require very low maintenance and replacement costs.
Tin Covers Cap
Tin Covers Cap is produced using cutting-edge equipment and qualified workers. The strength and design of these goods are well renowned. The ability to resist rusting slick surfaces increased service life. The top may be printed with a unique logo.
Glass Jar Caps
Glass Jar Caps are used for capping the glass jar tightly and perfectly. Since glass is non-porous, your spices will remain safe in them as long as the lid fits snugly. They are very easy to use and simple to clean.
Plastic Cosmetic Cap
Plastic Cosmetic Cap is frequently used to perfectly cap bottles. This cap may be used to create the top of a table, bar, or countertop. This hat is excellent to use and comes in various colors. Protecting the liquids or solids in the bottle is made easier by this bottle cap.
Trigger Spray
Trigger Spray Bottle is a bottle that can squirt, spray, or mist liquids. This is used in a variety of industries, including those that clean surfaces, remove stains, care for cars, fry oil, recover metal, and many more.
Pet Jar Knurling Caps
Pet Jar Knurling Caps make it simpler to open and unlock the bottle. The serration should be sufficiently broad, deep, and long. These caps are very easy to install as well as simple to use. They are widely loved and safe too.
Tablet Container
Tablet Container comes in a variety of neck finishes that enable varied filling techniques and are used for filling and packing tablets, powders, capsules, and granule goods. They have various applications like pharmaceuticals, natural products, chemicals fine pigments, food items, typical spares, and so on.
CRC Caps are used in pharmaceutical industry for protecting the medicines from physical damage and accidents. These are pushed down and then turn in left & right direction for opening and closing of the small plastic.
Trigger Spray Gun
Trigger Spray Gun caps are used for numerous liquid bottle products that include personal care & hygienic, cosmetics and oil & paint to name a few. These sprayer guns have modern and compact design which make comfortable to use the fluid products.
Wine Cap
Wine Caps are offered in brown color with dimensionally accurate shape. The caps are made from high grade PET and polypropylene thermoplastic material which provides them crack resistance and long lasting life. These are excellent in strength and can sustain high temperature.

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